We pride ourselves in our thorough screening process.  Our consultants take the time to understand the client’s technical as well as non-technical requirements in order to quickly identify candidates that are suitable for the position.  They are experienced in screening candidates and save the client time by referring only qualified candidates. 

Needs Assessment and Definition
  • Assessment and understand client needs and requirements
  • Determine effective search and advertising strategy
Candidate Identification and Contact
  • Search of internal databases and network sources
  • Targeted advertisements
  • Search methodologies including referrals
Qualification and Evaluation of Candidates
  • Candidates are pre-screened, interviewed and qualified
Selection and Recommendation to Clients
  • Candidates are short listed and briefed on job specifications
  • Recommendations made to Client
  • Review requirements and re-screen as necessary
Human Resource and Personnel Management
  • Staff placement including offer negotiations
  • Contingent workforce including contract and payroll management, insurance and benefits administration